The Best Two Years

The Best Two Years

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Elder Kipp's First Email from the Mexico City MTC

¡Hola mi familia! yesterday was a crazy day! the flight to Atlanta went smoothly, sorry i didnt call when i got there.. We had to grab some lunch and run! We met another missionary in Atlanta, he is from North Carolina, so we had fourteen total on our flight. The flight to Mexico was cool, we flew over the Gulf of Mexico, and it was cool to see the ocean. When we got to the airport, we had to go through customs and it was confusing because no one spoke english! then, to top it off, we couldn´t find the greeter from the MTC! we waited about a half hour to forty five minutes for them to come. They had a suburban that the sisters rode in, and a bus that the brothers rode in with all the luggage. There were six brithers, luggage for fourteen people, and three seats.... And i was the one stuck standing with Elder Weston on the twenty minute ride to the MTC!! so i didn´t see much of Mexico yet... the temple is closer to our dorm than the church is to our house, and it is beautiful!! Elder weston and i are companions, and we can see the spire out our window! it was an interesting night, we ate dinner, then unpacked in our teeny tiny dorm, it is about as big as the dining room with a bunk bed, two closets, and a desk. We wrote in our journals, had prayers, then went to bed.
    We woke up at six thirty today, then took showers and ate breakfast, and it has been so crazy ever since! getting new nametags, doing immunization paperwork, and on top of all that, about 70 new latino missionaries are coming in today! The people at the MTC said we are the pioneering group, the first group of american missionaries down here at the MTC (Centro Capitacion de Mexico! I think they said they are taking our picture and putting it in the liahona and ensiagn and stuff, but im not completely sure..... So keep an eye out for me! It has been tough here today because the MTC workers speak hardly any english, and it has been hard to know what they want us to do.. But we are learning crazy fast! i already know more than I did when i left home!!!!!
     Well, i have to go, my time is up... Please forward dthis email on to everyone, our P Days are on Wednesdays, so expect to hear from me then. I love you guys so much, and the4 spirit down here is amazing. I know tht this is where I am supposed to be!!!! Hasta en dos años!!! (I´ll see you in two years!)

Mucho Amor,
Elder Kipp

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