The Best Two Years

The Best Two Years

Monday, September 2, 2013

Andy's Baptism

Hola Familia,

It is good to hear from you and that you are doing well.  So, the rain finally calmed down a bit this week, but it was very hot!  It was an interesting week.  We found a family with six kids and a single mom a couple weeks ago, and they seemed super positive. They even went to the church a couple times when they lived in Louisiana!  We taught them about the resstoration one night last week, but we haven't been able to get another lesson set up.  Every time we tell them we are going to come over, they always have company that comes and visits, and they don't want to listen.  They are on vacations from school this next week, so we should be able to catch them.  Price leaves the area on the 18th of this month, so we want to see if we can get them baptized before then. It will be hard, but I think we can pull it off!  We fasted yesterday for it, and if we have faith, we will do it.

We had our baptism with Andy yesterday, which was very satisfying!  He chose me to baptise him, and it was really cool.  It was the first time I have ever baptised anyone, and it was a really amazing experience!  We almost didn't have the baptism  because he left church after Sunday school to go to a meeting for a soccer league that he is in charge of.  He was gone until one, and that was when the baptism was scheduled for.  He finally showed up, which was a relief, because our branch president was about ready to cancel the baptism because he was hungry and wanted to go home and eat, but we had the service, and it was great.  I ended up having to wear a super tiny jumper because it didn't fit Andy, so he wore my pants and shirt, and it was pretty funny!  It was great to see how happy he was, and he said that he is changed forever.  It was a really satisfying day!

We also got to go to the temple last Tuesday, which was amazing, and we will get to go this Thursday again with our branch!  It is such a blessing to be able to have a temple in the mission, not every missionary gets that experience.  I echo you, mom, when you say how excited you are to meet those people on the other side whose work you have done.  It is amazing the presence of those people you can feel in the temple. 

So, about the guitar and the water bed.  The guitar is over at Calebs, I forgot to get it before I left.  And as for the water bed, what did you do with it?  I loved that bed, and I might want it back in my room someday!  Is my head board that had all my stuff on it still in my room?  Thanks for going through and dusting it off, it definitely needed it.  As for the packages, I am still not too sure about that.  If you send the Christmas tree, I am not sure if I will even get it.  They have to go through every package, and some items are not allowed, but try it and we will see. As for treats, it has to be just small things, but a bag of Swedish fish would be great.  President Carmack emailed you guys, he has helped me out a ton, and I am doing so much better now.  He gave me a blessing my second week here after everything happened, and he said something that struck me.  He told me that at the second coming, the Savior will look to me and call my name blessed.  It was a spiritual lift for me in the hardest time of my life.  It is still not easy, but it gets easier and easier every day, and I am happier and happier every day!  Tell everyone back home thanks for the fasting and prayers on my behalf, and tell President Arens and Bishop Jessen thanks again as well.

Well, not much more time to write today, but know that I love you guys, and that I am loving the mission.  It has been the best learning experience for me, and I am not even four months in yet!  I can't imagine how much more I will learn and grow in the next 20 months!  I know the time is going to fly by, it already has.  I will try and send some pictures today, the computer doesnt like to read my card.  I will try and send some of the baptism and some of our investigators!    Love you all!

Elder Austin Michael Kipp

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