The Best Two Years

The Best Two Years

Monday, February 17, 2014

Las Lomas Miracle

Hola familia! 

This week has been interesting.  We were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday, the niece of K, but she didn't feel ready.  We kind of knew she felt that way.  She knows everything she needs to and is worthy, she is just a little scared.  K feels the same way, so, we were a little depressed this week, because they are some of the only investigators we have right now, and definitely the most positive. 

 At church yesterday, we brought K and her two kids.  We got there late, but we got there.   After church, I saw the hermanas talking with her, and so I went over, and the hermanas were asking her how she felt when we taught her.  We asked her how she can show her love for God, because she told us that she loves God, she just is confused.  We invited her to go into a room privately and pray and just tell God that she loves Him.  She was in there about ten minutes, and we were waiting outside.  She came out crying, and we asked her if she would be baptized this Saturday, and she said that she would!   Everyone was crying and so happy.  The words can’t do this experience justice.  I think this experience has been one of the most spiritual and most rewarding and pleasing experiences of my entire mission! 

During church, we showed up about a half hour late because we were waiting for Katherine ad her family.   There were two stake representatives in the meeting, and during priesthood and relief society, they wanted to meet with us and the sister missionaries, because a brother in our ward told them that the missionaries aren't doing anything right now.  They proceeded to interview us about things like what time we wake up, what time we exercise, things that the President of the mission would ask us.  But, President Carmack doesn’t even ask us those things. They just focused on the fact that we showed up late, and not that we were trying to save souls by bringing them to church. it was frustrating because they haven't seen the fruits of all our labors here the past few months.

So, good news, our chapel a couple of weeks ago had over 100 people on Sunday!   There was a counselor from the stake presidency there in the meeting, he has been coming because really, Las Lomas shouldn't exist as a ward because there were not enough members coming to church, and it is the weakest ward in the stake.  When I arrived, they were thinking of terminating the ward here.  Now, there are so many people coming, that they have gotten permission to build A SECOND CHAPEL next to the one we already have to fit all the people that are coming to church!   It is truly a miracle.   The Lord is blessing us so much.   I went through the hardest three months of my life out here, but now I am seeing the results of my labor and the Lord is blessing me!

The service project we did was for the Presleys.  Elder Blankenship and I dug a ton of sprinkler trenches, so I liked the service!  We also built a cement floor next to the house for a car port.  It is always good to give service, and Sister Presley made us the same homemade mac and cheese that mom makes!  Not quite as good, of course!   I made the root beer pulled pork on Saturday, and it turned out alright.  I had to make it with different sauce, but it turned out good, with cheesy bacon french fries! 

So, not much more time to write.  I am happy that you are all happy!  I am happy that you are trying to find more ways to be missionaries and serve the Lord, because in his service we will find true joy and happiness!   I love you all so much!

Elder Austin Michael Kipp

P.S.  Mom, if you could tell me what shirts specifically you want to use, I will authorize the ones I want to keep and the ones you can use.  Thanks! 

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