The Best Two Years

The Best Two Years

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Colombian Investigators and Defenders of the Mount

Hey family!

How is everyone doing?  Is it blistering hot up there in Utah yet?  It is basically hot here all the time.  Now it is just more humid and a lot rainier, and it will be that way until about October/November time.  Once a day, a HUGE rainstorm passes through, and can last anywhere from ten minutes to a couple of hours, so sometimes we get stuck in peoples' houses waiting out the tempests.  But, it is a good excuse for people to let us in to their houses!  The storms here have huge lightning strikes and super loud thunder so it is pretty sweet!

Yesterday, there were two baptisms of some teenagers that the other two office elders have been teaching for a while. They are the cousins of a recent convert who was baptized in November. It was great to be there as they were washed of their sins, and feel of the spirit. It made me excited to go out and teach more people!

This last Tuesday, we were eating at the burger truck by our house and two Colombian guys called us over and offered to buy our food, and said they wanted to talk to us. They knew we were missionaries. They said that they appreciated the work we did, and that they had found God already.  We started to explain about the Book of Mormon, and one of them started to preach to us about something else, and his friend cut him off and said, "We may have lots of knowledge about God, but we need to hear what these guys have to say to us." so, we gave them a Book of Mormon, and we have a lesson planned with them this week at a member's house to see how it went with their reading.  It was a good lesson and the spirit was strong.  And we got free burgers.

Every Saturday with the AP's we do a thing in the office called "Defenders of the Mount", HaHa!  It is where we do a study with the six of us and talk about problems with investigators, and we do practices to help us all be better missionaries, to help us "defend the mount".  This week we talked about a talk called "The Fourth Missionary" and we talked about what kind of missionaries and men we want to become, and the actions we can take to get there.  It was a great meeting; our AP's are awesome examples for us to follow.  After, we cleaned the office and went to Subway. That is the big thing we eat in the office, tons of Subway, because they have a points system, and right now they have a four dollar BBQ chicken foot long.  I am officially a Subway Platinum Member, which means I get free bacon or free extra cheese on all my sandwiches.  It's pretty legit.

Well, that is about all the excitement for this week.  It was a good week, looking forward and thinking about what I want to accomplish in these next short months before I finish my mission, and making plans to achieve those desires.   I love you all so much!

Elder Austin Kipp

P.S.  The package got here! Thanks! And the new tie is sick!

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