The Best Two Years

The Best Two Years

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Huts, Hammocks, Machetes, Patacones and Panamanian Plumbing

Hey everyone!

So, the first full week on the island was an interesting but great one!  Just so you all get an idea of how living is here, we sleep in hammocks in a hut, our shower is a bucket of water that we fill up with water from the river, and our bathroom is a metal shed built over the ocean.  I love it out here!

This last Friday, we finally got to go to the monte, (mountains or woods) and I was excited because I finally got to use my machete!  We went to help Hermano B cut down some plants on his farm and carry some bananas and plantains back to the island.  We traveled in a canoe for about half an hour, then walked a couple miles in the monte.  We chopped the grass down for a couple hours, then loaded the bananas on a big stick, and carried them on our shoulders back to the canoe.  It had to be the most exhausting service project I have ever done! Pushed me to my limits!  But it was good, the guy gave us some plantains and we made some patacones! (fried platano chips)

We had district conference this weekend, so President Carmack came out on Saturday morning, and stayed in our house until this morning.  I couldn't understand most of the conference, because they spoke in dialect, but President spoke about how we need to always remember Christ, and how that is one of the most important parts of the sacrament.  If we are always remembering Christ, we will be more in tune with the spirit and less likely to commit sin. 

 We have had a great week!  Definitely saw some miracles this week.  We traveled to another island on Wednesday to go visit with one of the companionships of sisters in the zone for the day.  They have learned the dialect, and taught a couple lessons in Kuna, it was super cool!  We are really trying to be as obedient as we can, and it is definitely bringing blessings.  I have gotten so much more out of my studies, because we have the spirit with us so strong when we are more obedient.  We have some incredible investigators right now, and we should have four baptisms coming up toward the beginning of November!

We get to go to the temple on Wednesday because a family on the island is getting sealed!  I am so excited! I have never been to a sealing, and it has been a while since I went to the temple! I am also going to try and send a couple things home like letters and a few other things.   Well, I am running out of time... I love you all!


Elder Austin Michael Kipp

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