The Best Two Years

The Best Two Years

Monday, March 2, 2015

Lessons Learned of Charity and Love by a 19 Year Old Hard Headed Son

Hello everyone!

Where do I start today? There are so many things running through my mind right now and I can't get my thoughts straight. 

First things first, grandpa is alive.  Glad to hear that.  It is so awesome that dad has been able to be there for Grandpa and Brother R during the time off.  Mom and dad, you are both some of the most charitable people I know and I thank you for your example. 

Speaking of charity, I studied charity and love a lot this week.  I had a lot of down time to study because my companion was sick in the hammock for three days.  I was told by the spirit that we can grow our love for others in three ways:  Praying that God fills our hearts with charity and love, making a constant and whole-hearted effort to show that love to others by serving them, and making a constant and whole-hearted effort to show that love for God by keeping His commandments and serving Him.  He promises that He will increase our love for others if we do these things.

A mission is all about love.  It is the best opportunity that God gives to his hard-headed 19 year old sons to learn how much He loves each one of them.  It is the perfect opportunity for those same hard-headed 19 year old sons to learn a couple things about how that selfless, unfailing love can change lives, not just their own, but the lives of all they show their love to by serving them.  A missionary is given the best possible opportunity to do those three things that will develop a stronger love for God, which will bless him and others for the rest of his life.

I finished the Book of Mormon yesterday.  Scott N's promise stays true.  No matter how many times I read it, every time I pick it up I learn something new. It is an inspired book, and Joseph Smith was called to be God's Prophet and translate it by His power. 

Tomorrow I get to go on a three day division with Elder T in Ukupa!  And we get to go explore another small island and see if we can put missionaries there!  And then on Thursday, we are going to go to ANOTHER island, and apparently there is an apostate Mormon church there that we are going to start fixing up.  I love the work out here in San Blas!

Hermano U is still a boss. There aren't really addresses here or mail on the island but you could just send it to the mission office in my name or another missionary and on the inside put that it is for him on Playon Chico, San Blas, and they will deliver the 

I love you all! Remember, Christ showed unconditional love to all.  If we want to become like Him, we must love all unconditionally as well.   I love you all!


Elder Austin Michael Kipp

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