The Best Two Years

The Best Two Years

Monday, March 17, 2014

Surgery is Scheduled

Well family,

This last week has been a good one!  It is a little different being in the office, sometimes we are not able to get to our area because we have deadlines that need to be met, but we find satisfaction in the fact that we get the opportunity to help the entire mission help others. 

This last week, we decided to go out to visit a recent convert, but on the way, Elder O saw a family sitting outside, and felt like we needed to get off the bus and contact them.  We did, and ended up teaching the restoration.  Their last name is Latino, literally.  We mostly just taught the mom and she seemed excited to learn more, but she is studying to be a missionary for the Evangelical church, so it will be a little tough.  One of the toughest things about teaching here in Panama is that literally every person has a church, and they have a hard time accepting that more has been revealed through the restoration.  There are a lot of myths here about Mormons, and so it is hard to clear up the ideas that people have about the church.   But, it also makes for some really powerful experiences, when someone realizes that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that God has revealed more of his gospel in the latter days.  We have another appointment with her tomorrow.   I think it will go well!  We asked her to be baptized at the end of this month if she gets an answer that the things we have taught her are true, and she said yes!

Yesterday, we had stake conference, and it was a broadcast throughout all of Central America. Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Richard G. Scott talked, and Bonnie L. Oscarson as well.  They talked about the culture of Central America, and being more committed to come to church.  I liked especially what Elder Oaks said about the sacrament.  He said that the main purpose of the sacrament is so that we can have the Holy Spirit to be with us ALWAYS.  We can only have the spirit if we are repentant and clean, and the sacrament helps us repent and become clean.   It is awesome that Riley understands what I am doing here in Panama!  Teaching little kids about Jesus! haha! I miss that kid!

So, last week, President Carmack talked to the four of us in the office, and told us that he thinks that it would be better if I was companions with Elder O, because we both have similar personalities, and because he has to be in the office more because of his responsibilities with the finances, and I am still learning, so we can stay in the office a bit longer.  Plus, it will give me a good chance to recuperate best after the surgery.  Which, I have an appointment with the doctor today, and we should be getting that all scheduled, so I will let you know tonight when it is going to happen.  (Surgery is scheduled for Monday, March 24) The mission will be paying for everything and it will be a simple procedure.  They said I won’t even be in any pain.  I just won’t be able to walk for two to three weeks.  It works out alright because I can stay in the office and learn more about my work here.)

We had some legit Mexican food for lunch yesterday with a cool young couple from Mexico. It was some of the best food I have had in Panama!

Well, not much more time to write today. We are going to a Zone PDay to play sports and eat pizza at a park in Cárdenas!   I love you all so much!


Elder Kipp

P.S.  Tell Trev I say Congratulations and that I am proud of him!! That is so awesome!! 

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