The Best Two Years

The Best Two Years

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Learning and Progressing

Hello family!

This last week has been alright.  Trying to balance training in the office and working in the area is a bit difficult, but we are definitely trying to do our best! 

This last Tuesday, we had an appointment set with C.  We were in the office finishing some stuff before we went, and President Carmack was in the office late, so we asked him if he could come with us to teach him.  He said he was glad to.  We decided to teach C about the consequences of sin, and the necessity of the atonement.  It goes along with the creation and the fall.  President Carmack said he felt that we needed to read from 2 Nephi 2.  We got to C's house and began to teach him.  He opened up, and explained a lot of experiences that he has had that have helped him to gain a testimony that Jesus is his Savior.  We were able to discover some of his doubts as we read from 2 Nephi 2, some doubts that are now going to help us help him progress toward baptism.  The Book of Mormon is powerful.  C also told us that he has troubles with the Bible, but we testified to him that the Book of Mormon is what will help him clear up those doubts.  He reads it with G, his friend who he lives with and is a returned missionary of two years.  Ever since that lesson with President Carmack, C has been more open with us discussing his doubts and problems.  I know that he realized that the Gospel is what can help him find peace, and that he can turn his problems over to Jesus Christ to help relieve the weight of his burdens. C is awesome!

We also visited L and A this week, a couple we have been teaching for a couple months. They are not married and she is trying to finalize a divorce with her ex who lives in Colombia, so they can't get baptized until then. We watched a video called “Together Forever” that talks about eternal families. They really want to keep learning and progressing.  They have a one year old baby and family is really important to them. We are going to take them to the temple this Sunday night to talk more about eternal families with them. They will get baptized, the divorce just needs to get finalized so they can get married first! 

I'm glad that dad is ok after the crash.  That is a little scary; just glad that everything is alright with him and the other people who were in the accident.  I am so sad about dad's layoff and hope he can find a job soon.  Also, mom, I hope you can get everything worked out with your finger and the nerve test!  We will be praying here that everything can get figured out fast!

Well, time is running short.  We are going with our district to hit some golf balls at a golf course and then we have to go to the store to buy some things. Oh yeah! There is a store here called Riba Smith.  It is all imported stuff, and they sell Reese's! And gushers! The only store I have seen that carries lots of American goodies.    I love you all!

Elder Austin Michael Kipp

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