The Best Two Years

The Best Two Years

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Angry Sea, Colombian Ship, Pangas and Miracles

"The sea was angry that day my friends... Like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli!"

Hello everyone!

This last week was pretty interesting.  We had four other elders in our house, and we were planning on getting out Wednesday to go to the zone conference.  So they got there on Tuesday, and then we figured out that no pangas (passenger boats) could go out because the sea was too wild.  So we prayed and prayed and we decided that we were going to try and find another way to do the zone conference.  I won't tell the whole story, but it was a crazy, prayer-and-fast-filled couple of days, and we literally looked into every option to get to Narganá.  We even talked to the small red chicken biplane that brings chicken to our island from the city. 

Well, the Lord answers prayers. We got on a Colombian boat (a big boat that sells stuff to the islands, like hammocks and food) and we set out.  The sea was angry, and so we sat in the middle on top of the cargo hold, and there were a couple times that I thought we were going down.  We made it all right, though, and the conference was a huge success!  Two of the assistants came out, and all the missionaries were really excited to see each other. The meeting was really spiritual as well.  I talked about a talk from Elder Ballard called "Mental Tenacity", it talks a lot about being creators of circumstances, and not creatures of circumstances, and leaving the excuses behind to have a good attitude about the work, no matter what the difficulties are. My companion talked along the same lines, and we didn't even plan that one out. It was a real spiritual meeting. We have a boss zone. 

The ride back was pretty interesting.  We got in a panga, because they lifted the panga ban, and set out.  The waves were pretty big, and the boat was jumping, but we all got back safe and sound.  We saw so many miracles, and the Lord definitely answered all our prayers. Oh, and I WAS able to get my Christmas package.  The assistants brought it out!  I already created my own Lego ships.  Also, Elder Fish, a missionary who finished in June and was on Blas for a year, is here visiting with his family and brought  me Swedish fish, beef jerky and sunflower seeds!  So mom, if you could send some with Hermana W, I wouldn't mind one bit! haha!

We did have a baptism this week.  Yamilsia got baptized, she is around thirty years old, and she has come a long way. It was a really spiritual baptism. We have been blessed with baptisms every week of the change so far!

Well, that is about all I have time for... Mom, the pictures of the hut will have to wait until next week.... sorry!  I love all you guys!


Elder Austin Michael Kipp

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