The Best Two Years

The Best Two Years

Monday, January 20, 2014

Planting Seeds

Hola familia!

Better start the letter off by telling mom that the charges on the card are not fraud, some missionaries needed stoves and so I bought them, and they reimbursed me in my mission account, so no worries.

So, I was thinking I was going to have changes, but I do not.  I will be here for another change.  I am happy and sad. Happy because I love the area and it is finally making progress, but a little down just because of things going on with my companion.  I have been studying a lot about humility, and am just trying to always remember that Heavenly Father put me here, he knows what is best for me, and I have something to learn and something to teach to my companion.   It is hard, but I have felt happier as I have tried to humble myself and serve my companion.  It is tough, but God knows what is best for me.

I am glad that you guys are starting to do more service and missionary work.  I was reading on Sunday in third Nephi about the twelve disciples that Christ called here in the Americas when he came. The thing that struck me about the story is that it says that they were not converted until after they had been doing service among the people.  They were the men of strongest faith in the land, and Christ taught them things that could not be written or spoken by tongue of man, but that did not convert them.  Only after they were serving God and his children were they truly converted.  I think the scripture is in third Nephi 28?? 

It is still hot as hot as ever out here in David, and the sweat is always rolling!  We aren't even in the hottest part of the year yet, either!  But, it is helping me slim down a bit, sweating so much!  I finally had to get all my shirts fixed because they fit me like tents.  The pants come next, and I think I will have to get my suit coat shrunk a bit too.

Our baptism didn’t happen this last week.  We still have to teach her the word of wisdom, and she has to go to church one more time.  She is never home, so it is hard to teach her or set up appointments.  But, we did find a good family who came to church this Sunday.  We invited them and they came, and we went back after church, and they are pretty positive!  So, I am hoping for a few baptisms this change!  Like dad always tells me, if I am obedient, I study, and work hard, we will be blessed, whether it is baptisms, or planting seeds.  I have planted a lot of seeds here.  I was reading about Joseph Fielding Smith and how he never even had one baptism in his entire mission!  The numbers don't measure the success, but the change that I can help other people make and the change I myself make, measure my success. 

Well, time is running short.  I am thankful that you are starting to work in the Temple, and serve more.  If you have time, help the missionaries in the Stake.  Being a missionary, I now know how hard it is when members do not work with the missionaries.  Try to help them, give them references, go on visits with them, whatever you can do to help the work, and you will be blessed immensely!   I love you all so much! Thanks for everything you do and your support!


Elder Austin Michael Kipp

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