The Best Two Years

The Best Two Years

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

April 30th is the Day

Hello everyone!

I didn't have a chance to write yesterday because we had five other elders in our area that needed to write as well.  We traveled to Nargana today to have our Zone Conference, so I am writing from the chapel here. 

This week Elder Duncan from the Seventy is coming to Panama, and for our zone conference, we are going to do a skype call with him and all the other missionaries.  I am super excited to see what counsel he gives us!

This last week, we decided to do extended divisions with the elders in Nargana.  My companion came to Nargana, and Elder M came to my island with me for five days. Elder M and I realized we seriously have EVERYTHING in common.  It was actually kind of freaky.  I actually know where he lives in Kamas.  We always pass his house on the way to the B's cabin. This last week was great, we were able to work really hard in the area and we had some really spiritual experiences.  Hermano U is really helping us out a lot by finding new people for us to teach.  We bought him a copy of Preach My Gospel, and he reads up on his job as branch mission leader and is super excited magnify his calling.  We are going to be in Nargana until Saturday, and he is going to visit all our investigators for us while we are out. 

So, I have had a hard time deciding on what day I am going to come home.  In my interview with President Carmack, he said that he is fine either way and that the Lord is letting me decide.  I know the most sensible option for school and work is to come home in April, so I can have more time to work and save up some money for school.  So, I have decided to come home in April.  April 30th will be the exact day.  So be ready!

Well family, I am super short on time. I am sorry for the short email, but we have to get our zone conference up and running today!

Happy birthday Courtney!  Happy Valentine's day everyone!


Elder Austin Michael Kipp

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